• Concept, Choreography & Dance: Aditi Mangaldas
  • Solo | contemporary dance based on Kathak

“Why is the world scared of female fantasy? Why are women killed, sanctioned, compartmentalised for having the courage to own their own desires? Hence, FORBIDDEN” - Aditi Mangaldas

A presentation in partnership with internationally renowned collaborators from the United Kingdom:

  • Dramaturge: Farooq Chaudhry
  • Mentor: Morag Deyes
  • Light Design: Michael Hulls
  • Music Composition: Nickie Wells
  • Costume Design: Kimie Nakano

Duration: 1 hour (approximate)
Premiere: October 2021 | The Jamshed Bhabha Theatre, National Centre for the Performing Arts
(NCPA), Mumbai, India
Production: Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company- The Drishtikon Dance Foundation

SYNOPSIS FORBIDDEN is about women empowerment, a process that recognises power in women over their own lives, society, and their share in human existence. But doesn’t empowerment also mean that she owns her own desires... without the societal sanction that forbids female fantasy? Isn't empowerment also that she can desire fearlessly and without hesitation or remorse? FORBIDDEN evokes that seminal courage to encounter all that is FORBIDDEN. Aditi Mangaldas turns to mythology and stereo-typical images to question this, thereby exploring the female energy in all its encompassing beauty and power.

CHOREOGRAPHER’S NOTE FORBIDDEN is about female desire... desire that hits you first in the pit of your stomach. Then the body chooses to respond or not, the mind decides to fantasise or not. BUT can we own this desire? Can we say yes – I do! Or does society, literature, poetry, imagery, films, etc, since time-immemorial categorise ‘us’ as the other? ….the fallen woman …the courtesan …the witch …the professional? And NEVER… as just the everyday woman. Is ‘desire’ not the prerogative of humanity? And, is owning our desires, not our very natural instinct? Then why are we scared of female fantasy? Sexual desire, which is punished, has to be questioned and owned. Mythology acts as the subterranean stream from which FORBIDDEN feeds, eventually looking at current times where desire is still forbidden, still killed! But it's a dream that must be lived.

COLLABORATORS’ NOTE “I feel very excited about what Aditi Mangaldas is doing in the studio for her new solo FORBIDDEN. It has a brilliant balance of ideas that are very personal, very detailed and intimate and big thematic bold gestures and I think her background in Indian Classical Kathak lends itself very well to this kind of subject matter. And as well this subject FORBIDDEN does demand her to be audacious and bold in her thinking and her development of her choreography.”

“It is an astonishing piece of work by an astonishing artist who has courage, intelligence and a huge amount of talent and an open mind and an open heart. It’s going to be amazing.”

“This piece explores such powerful themes of reclaiming ownership of self identity and particularly femininity which Aditi explores both through vulnerability and power. And there is this element of contrast with darkness and light which I am really enjoying to explore musically.”

THE ‘WORK IN PROGRESS’ VIDEO The objective of the ‘work in progress’ video is to capture and document the processes that will culminate into the final work that will premiere in October 2021.

Rehearsal footage: Armin Sprotte | Sylt, Germany; Saloni Saraf | London, UK; Aditya Mangaldas |Alibaug, India; Devyani Mangaldas |Mumbai, India; Ishita Advani | Mumbai, India; Amaya Mangaldas |Mumbai, India; Shanti Singh | Mumbai, India.
Film music: Silencing by Nicki Wells
Film Editing: Anuj Chopra | Karkhana