Hari ho gati meri

"Hari Ho... Gati Meri" is sourced from the lines of poet Sayyad Mubarak Ali Bilgrami. A Muslim by faith, his poetry reflected his love for Krishna. Bilgrami is not the only one. He is a part of a living tradition of shared heritage and oneness."Hari Ho... Gati Meri" (Let my salvation be in the Supreme ) is a statement of  "You". It is a search for salvation, for truth and for beauty.

  • Concept & Research: Sanjay Nandan
  • Choreography & Costumes: Aditi Mangaldas
  • Light Design and Execution: Millind Srivastava  
  • Duration: 1 hour 5 minutes 
  • Music composition, Vocals & Harmonium: Samiullah Khan
  • Tabla: Yogesh Gangani
  • Pakhawaj: Ashish Gangani
  • Flute: Kiran Kumar
  • Padhant: Mohit Gangani
  • Poets:
  • Maulana Sayyad Fazlul Hasan “Hasrat”
  • Malik Muhammad Jayasi
  • Mian Wahid Ali
  • Sayyad Mubarak Ali Bilgrami