Presenting some of the most recent productions of Aditi Mangaldas and her dance company, both in classical kathak as well as the contemporary idiom. Performances have either been complete standalone productions, or extracts of different productions chosen to be presented together.

Kathak dancer gives captivating performance... .Dancing straight into the hearts of the audience, kathak dancer Aditi Mangaldas and her accomplished group received a standing ovation for their performance on the third day of the ongoing Chandigarh Arts and Heritage Theatre here today. The performance titled 'Uncharted Seas' was a perfect blend of thought, innovation and technical expertese. ... Besides the pervasive elements of music, poetry, dance, and drama, the master choreographer introduced a special innovative percussive beat of ghungroos, making the presentation a scintillating spectacle. She also relied on silent sequences which eloquently conveyed the desired feelings of characters portrayed by the dancers... The dancers displayed vitality and stamina while performing in synchronization, winning applause every time.
SD Sharma, 28th April 2012, Chandigarh Tribune, Chandigarh

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