The finesse and individuality of Mangaldas' dancers are displayed in formal groupings but the undeniable highlight is a lightning fast, lustrous solo for the choreographer, who darts and flutters like a joyous humming bird. Deborah Jones,

Her work Within...transports it audience into the rich musical and visual world of Kathak...with a twist… Even when the dancers' faces are covered by cheesecloth wraps, this work is radiant. Spinning in apparent ecstasy or chanting a rhythm accompanied by intricate hand gestures, the dancers seem elated. Nina Levy, The Weekend West

Classical Indian dance that delivers both narrative intelligence and jaw-dropping virtuosity… Her artistry and poise, her dramatic gifts and unshakable technique are truly astounding; dance as effortlessly compelling as this is a joy to watch in itself, but underpinned by the questioning intelligence of Mangaldas, it becomes something transformative. Maxim Boon, Limelight Magazine

The dancing is sharp and strong and delicate as required and the ensemble dancing together is a marvel of movement. It is harder to distinguish a narrative than to enjoy the dancing. Love blinds, departing with the visibility of knowledge. That it has always has been this way and always will. It is a beautiful and enjoyable show, with stunning dancing. Marian Kennedy,

Besides being superbly danced, Inter_rupted is visually stunning… David Mead, Seeing Dance

Mangaldas is a commanding and…astonishingly agile presence. Sanjoy Roy, The Guardian