A powerful and aesthetic dance performance with unusual and enthralling images, highlighted by impressive light effects. Von Monika Klein, rp-online.de, Leverkusen, Germany, Mar. 2019

“Once again she impresses by her solo performance full of virtuosity, but her dance conveys much more: pride, passion, happiness, tenderness, concentration, musicality, and tremendous delight in expressing herself through dance. She is joined by her troupe for a great celebration, which turns into a stunning finale of suggestive power. The audience is quickly drawn into this mesmerizing dynamism. After a brief moment of silence the guests from India are celebrated with thundering applause.” Manfred Herker, www.mainpost.de, SCHWEINFURT, Germany, Mar. 2019

The dancers are moving in an atmosphere which makes the audience shudder. The symbiosis which is portrayed between an environment as a whole and age old traditional Indian and contemporary dance styles is as mesmerizing as it is scary. The audience follows the happenings on the stage with bated breath………. pleased about the beautiful finale to this unusual performance applauds enthusiastically. Von Renate Zährl , schwarzwaelder-bote.de, Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany, Mar. 2019

Exciting as well as demanding since the dynamism of attractive solo performances and the virtuosity of the dance troupe are only one side of their performance. The other side is the decoding of a complex choreography comprising symbolism, music, songs, light, and stage design…………….. The performance of the dancers is outstanding and speaks without any concrete reference. .…. What remains is a long look at an unknown culture, full of riddles, beauty and abysses. A long round of applause for an extraordinary dance performance. Von Rainer Sliepen Wolfenbuttel, Germany, Mar. 2019

"Among Kathak dancers Aditi stands out for her explorations using various themes, weaving the technique of Kathak in a seamless manner. As a noted critic has summed up: 'Aditi's dance form Kathak is centuries old, but her sensibility is as modern as today. She has astonishing technical skills; yet her dance is more than that. It is movement as a series of answers to questions posed by her inquiring mind…. Her expression ranges from wonderment to bliss. Her dance demonstrates what it means to be utterly free in body, mind and spirit to explore the world.' I endorse it……..Aditi has made a breakthrough…." Dr. Sunil Kothari, Narthaki.com, Feb. 2019